Do you find your passions or do your passions find you?

I really don’t know. It seems I’m always thinking about my passions and how others connect with their own. As a person who is multi-gifted, it’s always been a source of confusion and frustration for me not knowing what my “thing” is. I believe when you operate in what you’re passionate about it brings joy, purpose, and sustains you…eventually, with some sacrifices. Are you willing to sacrifice in order to do what you are passionate about?

So…as I’m sitting here, yet another moment pondering how passions develop, I think about our son. He is 4 years old and seems to already “know” what he is going to do in life. He absolutely, without a doubt, loves football. I remember at one church service he told us that “God told him he was going to play football all the time.” Since just before the age of 3, football has been his life. I’ll admit, I think I was the first one to introduce him to the game. I have always been a NFL fan and enjoy following every season. He can’t go a day without football in some capacity. He talks about his future in football all the time, down to how he flies to the stadium for his games, he has pretend football meetings on Zoom, he has even driven his motorized BMW to the stadium “a.k.a. our back yard” to start his game. Did football find him or did he find football?

In a recent conversation, he communicated that he no longer wanted to continue one activity we have him in, which is in addition to flag football he recently started. He said he “likes it” but knows everything. We proceed in the conversation comparing said activity to football and the topic of passions came up. I taught him what being passionate meant, including not giving up on it even when it was challenging, and he quickly recognized that this described his relationship with football and why he wanted to focus on that instead.

Now, I know he’s 4 and any day now we could be on to the next thing. But, I have been amazed at how dedicated and consistent he is with football and question whether I have that same dedication and consistency with what I’m passionate about. It was a good mental challenge and helps me refocus on how I choose to invest my own time in my life. Through the innocence of a child, I’m learning the joy of really living life more abundantly by intentionally investing my time and resources in where my passions lie.

Live life more abundantly,

Dr. TC

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