Turning Over A New Leaf

I believe in the process of re-creating yourself over and over throughout life as new information is learned, circumstances change, new experiences are encountered, and new perspectives are developed. I believe it is perfectly healthy and necessary to change and grow…for better.

I’ve had several significant “new leaf” experiences in my life. Some I share and process with others, others I embrace the changes in solitude. It occurred to me about a week ago it’s the season to begin yet another “new leaf” experience and journey. This one involves the initial work of changing my internal schema in order to more consistently attract self-motivated, confident, faith-filled individuals. You are what you attract and I’ve realized the law of attraction provides valuable information I need to see in order to alter my role in my relationships.

One professional role that is rewarding and fulfilling is my role as licensure supervisor. In this role, I begin the relationship with my supervisee as that of expert, giver of information, gatekeeper, and more of the authority figure. By the end of the role, it is my job to empower the supervisee to become the expert in their professional role and identity, the new giver of information and perspectives, self-supervisor, and colleague. I absolutely enjoy the developmental phases of supervision because I enjoy giving “wings that can now fly independently”, building the confidence to “leave the nest”. It excites me to see the fruit of the labor of love and dedication I put into the supervision relationship.

Professionally, it’s working. Personally, not always.

Personally this developmental progression seems to halt before the fruit has been fully produced. The love and dedication put into relationships ceases to have the impact of positive change it was intended to have…for either party. This realization is always unexpected and leaves me questioning the course of the relationship and my role. I’m really not sure what is different in these relationships. My expectations? Their role? My approach? Their mindset?

Whatever the reason may be, I wonder if I show up differently in my professional life than in my personal life? Many of us do. Our true selves and all our personal struggles are manifested more in our personal lives and relationships. This is the area I choose to be more intentional and more aware. The same level of confidence and tenacity I demonstrate professionally, I must also demonstrate personally. This will likely change who I attract and the experiences encountered in my personal relationships.

This “new leaf” journey is exciting for me as I continue to define my influence in the world. It’s time to turn over this new leaf for the betterment of myself and those I’ve been purposed to serve.

Dr. TC

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