Total Wellness: Dr. TC’s Online Community

Ready to improve your physical health? Feeling stuck? Need some motivation and positive support? Good news! Dr. TC offers 8-week online programs designed to break the mental and spiritual barriers to your physical health goals. Join a supportive, non-judgmental community that will help you make lasting changes for total wellness! In the community you will have access to weekly teaching videos, assignments, online group therapy, one on one personal growth coaching, and supportive connections that motivate and inspire. All this for just $5/week!


Explore mental barriers that disrupt progress towards your goals.


Apply Christian principles to increase your internal motivation.


Find balance in eating and exercise that fits your lifestyle.

How I serve: As your wellness facilitator, I seek to first uncover your personal narratives around food and fitness. Through my teachings and assignments, I then help you divorce unhealthy relationships with food and fitness and marry Balance, Wisdom, and Peace.

The next 8-week Holiday Help program begins 11/22/20! Get help through the most challenging months. You got this!

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This program has ignited my journey toward healthier living in a different way than I’ve tried in the past. It combines aspects to help the whole person. I am confident that I will progress even further as I apply information learned and adjust views of my relationship with food. It’s a great investment in being your better self!!

~Felicia W.

“Let me begin by letting Dr. TC and the world know that Total Wellness: Dr. TC’s Online Community has been a blessing in my life. The first activity that I participated in, produced smart goals that has set me on the path to accomplish 3 major life changing visions, which I have for my life. These goals will lead to a lifetime of total wellness for me. The first online session helped me speak healing to my soul. I enjoyed the “mindful eating” segment that fostered healthier eating habits. Let me just say that every activity that I had the privilege to participate in encouraged, fostered insight and self-awareness. I now possess some awesome tools that will help me enjoy this journey toward total wellness. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this life changing community! Forever Grateful!”

~Lana M.

“Total wellness with Dr TC has been such a vital part in my journey.  Dr. TC has a wealth of knowledge that has helped me change my thinking and challenge me to dig deep!  With the help of the total wellness 8 week program, I have not gained a new way to diet, I have made a lifestyle change.  During the 8 week program I learned so much about myself.  During one of our zoom meetings, Dr. TC and I had a great conversation about how we eat.  I learned that I was a “rush eater”  especially during my lunch breaks.   She challenged me to be aware when I eat and to slow down! Just a simple suggestion has really changed my life! I’m so thankful for this program and Dr. TC’s support!  Did I mention the women that are along this journey with me?  They have been a great encouragement to me! Thank you Dr. TC!

~Crystal M.

My review for Total Wellness with Dr. T.C. was so life changing. She taught us to think as well as be an encouragement to yourself. After this 8 weeks I was able to view myself and feel differently. I now find myself actually taking my time to eat and think about what I’m putting into my mouth, what it taste like and how it’s going to impact my life. I will forever apply what I learned to the remaining of my journey. Think about it and put your best effort forward and your life will forever be changed. Thank you Dr. T. C.

~LaKisha C.

“Dr TC has a passion for helping people reach total wellness. I have watched her over the years add to her credentials so she would be even better equipped to help people (as if she already wasn’t). She has a kind heart but in a loving and humorous way will tell you like it is. I joined the 8-week program, Total Wellness Community by Dr TC, a bit late, however, I learned some great information. Including reminders reaffirming choices I’d already implemented. Even if you already have a health/fitness/wellness coach I would still recommend working with Dr TC. She connects the dots of fitness from a natural level to a spiritual level, which is how I’ve believed for years, but haven’t found many who actually teach on it in a program. On top of that, she even instructs a Refit exercise class, which I absolutely love. Even in the workouts she connects natural and physical fitness as one program.  You need to do more than just consider joining. Your need to join, its life changing.” 

~Chiquita T.

Greetings my name is Winnie from Kenya, Africa and I am an active participant of Dr TC’s online community. I joined this family when I had no idea of lots of stuff including my water intake, portions and servings and the right foods to consume. I embarked on this journey of living a healthy life and I haven’t regretted anything so far. Through this community and having followed every bit of instructions, I managed to shed some weight, 4kgs to be precise coz. I topped up with exercises. Right now I feel refreshed, healthy and my self esteem is 100%. Thank you so much Dr TC for well vast information that is transformational.

~Winnie M.

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