The Holy Spirt is challenging me to up my prayer game not for myself but for others. I am Saved to Serve (click link to read). Therefore I will post and repost this blog weekly to offer my time of prayer for YOUR requests. I love God and God’s people. You inspire me! What would you like me to pray for you? No request is too big or too small.

Leave your prayer requests in the comment section of this blog.


Dr. TC


12 thoughts on “BLOG PRAYER REQUESTS!

  1. Karan Godette says:

    Hey Dr. Tia,

    Prayers: Manifestation of my Boaz, Gods intervention and strength in my job. Currently in a leadership position in my job, however, extremely toxic environment, balance with work, home, kids, and self care. Opportunity to be more active in counseling/ministry other women (volunteer based to give back to my community). Thank you!!!


      • Karan Godette says:

        I miss you all more. Very lonely here sometimes without friends or support. I very recently had another foot surgery but as soon as I’m well enough I will come home to visit so will let you know in advance. Thank you for all you do. Love you all!!!


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