The Case of the Missing Shoe

My 4-year-old really enjoys mystery books. He often chooses to listen to books by audio for kids on a long ride and typically chooses stories with a mystery to solve. Little did I know a mysterious course of events would unfold in real life…

Ok…so for those parents reading this post, don’t you just love little shoes? There is something about kids feet and those cute little shoes we invest money to buy. The bigger question I have is, why didn’t anyone tell me kids shoes are human and tend to walk away whenever they like?

Several weeks ago, my son and I left to run some errands for the day. He slipped on his really cute brown flip flops that could go with any outfit, and we are off! Now, he had both flip flops on his feet when we stopped at a restaurant to get some food across town. We arrived at our home about 20 minutes later and like normal, preparing to get out of the car. My son gets out of his car seat and says, “Where’s my shoe?” With no worries at all I reply, “Look on the floor under the seat.” About 5 minutes go by and now we are both searching and there is no shoe in sight. Of course, since it’s a flip flop I’m pretty confident it fell outside in the parking lot of the restaurant. I call the restaurant and one of the staff kindly goes out and looks in the parking lot where we were and sees NOTHING! We continue to search and in my bewilderment, we have yet to locate the missing flip flop.

Fast forward a few weeks ago, running out for errands again, my son has on these cute black athletic slides for the day. Now…I am keeping my eye on these shoes the entire ride because I’m still bitter about the flip flop. I remember glancing back one time and seeing one shoe on his foot and the other he was playing with as a toy in his hand. We get home from running errands, I let him out his car seat and he says, “Where’s my other shoe?” My eyes bucked, but I’m pretty calm and just knew it must have fallen under his seat or be in his car seat. I get out…we looked…and looked…and looked. What?! This can’t be…AGAIN??

It’s still a mystery. I’m perplexed. If I were a kids shoe, where would I go? Who am I with? Would I miss my other half? As a parent, do I keep the single shoe or throw it away? Most importantly, can ANYONE relate to this parenting experience? 😕…

Happy parenting!

Dr. TC

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