Simple Joy

You know…one thing that is consistent in my life is my ability to find joy in the simple things. I think sometimes we all are guilty of “overthinking”, “overachieving “, being “too ambitious”, reaching for “unrealistic expectations”, being “too hard on ourselves” that we don’t stop and smell the flowers. We often miss out on the simple pleasures in life that honestly have a big impact on our mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Today…I decided to take an inventory of the Simple Joys in my life:

🌺 a warm cup of tea

🌺 a hot shower

🌺 a good laugh

🌺 listening to my kid sing unrehearsed

🌺 puzzles & games

🌺 beautiful landscapes & plants

🌺 riding through the city

🌺 babies

🌺 reading & writing

🌺 a clean house

🌺 a good movie

🌺 soft fabric

🌺 loose, comfortable clothes

🌺 bare feet

…the more I write the more that comes to mind. This blog is a reminder to myself and to you to take your own Simple Joy inventory and remind yourself that despite life challenges, experiencing joy is simple and always available.

Dr. TC

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