I just want peace…

I’m broken-hearted because I’m black. I’ve asked God where can I move me and my family so that we can leave in peace and unity and feel safe. I’m waiting on an answer. I just want peace and I’m grieving over the reality this may never be…for me. I don’t understand why White people fear us so much that they continue to find (intentional) ways to take us out. One by one. If only the hope of real change could comfort my broken heart.

3 thoughts on “I just want peace…

  1. Edith J Avery says:

    Dear Dr. Crooms,
    As a white person I feel the need to apologize to you for hateful, ignorant and fearful white people and for my own ignorance, white privilege and implicit biases. I have been praying and hoping for the “beloved community” that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of as I pray the Lord’s Prayer…”Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” Many white folk, mercifully with the help of black folk educators, are willing and eager to dismantle and deconstruct the “monstrous” lie of “race” and all of its implications in our society. I am currently trying to educate myself from a website called brownicity.com and I encourage you to look into it because I think you will find encouragement.
    But for now, I pray that your suffering and pain may be comforted and that whites will open our hearts to feel sorrow and lament and mourn with those who mourn and seek to understand.
    Jane Avery

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    • drtiacrooms says:

      Jane…the power in this interaction between the two of us who have never met. This gives me hope. I receive your apologize and thoughts on this issue, and in particular my experience being Black. Coming from a person who genuinely loves people, identifying racial injustices and sharing my personal experiences is not easy. I don’t throw around the words “black lives matter” “racist” “oppression” “inequality” and the like loosely. If my story includes these words I have processed the experience thoroughly and it is no other way to deny the truth of the experience. It hurts sometimes to admit this is what is happening because I just want to believe the good in everyone. Thank you for giving me a sense of hope. My vision and plan is to have more interactions and conversations with the opposing race to do what just took place here…solidarity and love. Thank you!


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