Take the lead or you will be led…

I had an experience with someone recently that is challenged in taking the lead in their own lives. It’s one thing to lose leadership over others and another losing leadership over yourself. As I pondered this, I realized how dangerous it is to not recognize our own setbacks that hold us back from showing up in our lives. I also realized that not taking the lead means by default you will be led by something or someone else. You will lose your voice and ability to direct your own life and future.

Taking the lead to me means to show up, to dream, to set goals, to act. Taking the lead is more than just awareness “I need to do better”, but a plan and start date for “better”. Many people get stuck at the stage between planning and starting, thinking and doing. I believe there are so many dreams delayed simply because of inaction. It’s time to show up and go. Can you imagine a car with brake pedals only? What about a car that can only go in reverse? We would label this type of vehicle as “dysfunctional”.

Don’t get stuck in inaction and dysfunction. Take the lead in your life. Set goals and actually do something to try and achieve them. Be confident. Be bold. Take the lead.

What does this statement mean to you?

Dr. TC


Have you ever been given a second chance? Or maybe third or tenth chance for something? I’ve recently accomplished a goal and the concept of chances came up for me. The goal I accomplished wasn’t a new goal, it’s a goal I’ve actually been working on for years. Over the years I’ve hit the goal several times, but somehow found myself right back where I didn’t want to be.

This time…something felt different. My mind shifted in a new way that will not even allow me to go backwards again. I realized the amount of chances I’ve had over the years for the same thing and felt sickened thinking about going down the same road again. I realized this is the moment I’ve been striving for over the years. It’s over. I’m done. I made it and there is no looking back.

My gratitude went through the roof as I realized if not given all those chances over the years, I would never be where I am right now. I realized the Creator of chances deserved my heart of gratitude and words of thankfulness for finding me worthy of chances. Chances allowed me to grow and mature until I was ready for the next phase. Chances didn’t mess up any of my future opportunities, but just allowed more time for me to catch up to the future already planned for me. Whew! Got choked up after writing that one. 🙌🏽

My future is brighter because of chances. I’m more grateful because of chances. I’ve gained more peace and freedom because of chances. I thank God for every chance He has given me to bring me to the future He had already planned. 🙏🏽

Dr. TC

Why I Became a Beautycounter Consultant

We are not a beauty company, we are a movement.

Gregg Renfrew (CEO Beautycounter)

I’m a Beautycounter consultant sharing products I love, while making an impact on people’s personal health, and while advocating for better beauty laws for everyone in our country. I joined Beautycounter 2 weeks before our son was born. Why you may wonder? Here’s an honest look at why I became a Beautycounter consultant that will help you decide if it’s the right business for you, loaded with helpful FAQs about pay, product, and discounts.

Ok so yes, 4 years ago I did a thing I was never expecting me to say YES to. I had worked for a direct sales skincare company years before joining Beautycounter, and I never felt good at selling. Well, here I am again…it’s 2017 our son was actually due but we’re sitting there waiting for his arrival (he was 2 weeks late). And, I decide to join Beautycounter, a direct sales company. Without knowing what first time mom and life with a newborn would even look like, I started an at home business?!?!

But here we are, 4 years later. I’m Dr. Tia Crooms and I’m STILL a Beautycounter consultant!!

Still…and that’s exactly why I want to share with you WHY I decided to join Beautycounter, stick with it through the thick and think, and HOW it’s possible to earn commissions while changing the world. It was a decision that was a no brainer for me and I’ll tell you why.

What is Beautycounter?

I first learned of Beautycounter when I received some samples from a close friend in the mail, after finding out I was pregnant back in 2016. I immediately fell in love with the piece of charcoal cleansing bar I was given and wanted more! I also remember receiving the balancing face oil to apply after the charcoal cleansing bar and I am telling you, my skin transformed after the first use of this combination of goodies! So, I googled the company and was in awe of what they were doing to change the beauty industry for the better.

Simply put, Beautycounter is a brand of non-toxic personal care products from skincare and makeup, to sunscreen, body wash, shampoo, and they’ve even got a special line for men! In fact, there are over 1,800 known harmful ingredients on their “Never List”, and Beautycounter is Certified by the Environmental Working Group.

Why does this matter?

Well, did you know there has not been a major law passed regulating the multi-billion dollar personal products industry since 1938?!?! Better yet, did you know that the EU has banned approximately 1,400 ingredients, Canada approximately 600 ingredients, while in the U.S we have only banned 30? AND…many of these ingredients that are legally placed on the shelves for us to buy and use have links to cancer, infertility, hormone disruption, skin irritation, and more? Or that of the 80,000+ chemicals used today, over 80% have NEVER been tested for human safety?!


So, I decided I could do two things about it. One, use my dollars to invest in products and companies that care about the safety of myself and my family, and two, use my voice to educate others of what’s really going on. I wanted to be a part of the change!

So, I ordered some products while simultaneously talking to my friend and doing my own research about toxic ingredients. As I started using more of their clean products and having more conversations with my friend, I knew from then on I was a client for life. A business owner, not so much. After all, I was already co-owner of a mental health private practice and good and pregnant at this point. I learned about the Band of Beauty member program so I could save a percentage off all of my future orders and get free shipping and lots of free gifts and exclusive deals (note: being a member is not the same as being a consultant; more details below). And…through my conversations with my dear friend, I also learned about the business opportunity.

I couldn’t believe how much I truly loved their products–they’re luxurious, non-toxic, beautiful, and, most importantly, they actually work! For a list of my fave products, keep reading!

Full Beautycounter makeover with celebrity makeup artist DeNelle Lunsford of On Cue Beauty.

I was intrigued by the business opportunity and how much fun my friend was having sharing clean beauty with those she cared about and loved. I wanted to show love to the ones I cared about and loved in this way too! I felt it was my obligation. After all, you can’t un-know what you know. Honestly speaking, I was afraid I wouldn’t meet the minimums (more on that below) if I joined. Remember, I was in direct sales for a short period of time years back and did not feel successful. And, I really didn’t want to harass my friends and family to “buy” from me.

After my friend presented the opportunity and gave me some time to sleep on it, I continued to read about the impressive progress and press for Beautycounter in reputable outlets like the New York TimesThe Today Show, and they even made Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List. (There are SO many other awards and press to list! Go google Beautycounter for more!)

I discussed the opportunity with my husband whose spirit immediately agreed with mine…DO IT! What do you have to lose? So, the next morning I called my friend and became a Beautycounter consultant. That was February 2017. I remember sitting on the floor Indian style after receiving my starter kit, with a nearly 42 week pregnant belly, my mom and sister-in-law present to help me prepare for labor & delivery, sampling and preparing to send packages out to everyone I knew. It was pure JOY!

And, remember that thing I was afraid of…well, it was working! And I met those minimums I was afraid of SO easily, in just a few months, while taking care of a newborn as a first-time mom, and get this…writing a dissertation! It was crazy alright…a crazy amount of fun doing something that brought me JOY, as well as so rewarding getting safer products to everyone I could reach.

Although I was a new mommy taking care of a newborn, I started to see momentum in my business from early on. I said YES to my first vendor opportunity at a women’s conference and was promoted to manager from my work in the first quarter of my first year. I also realized that I LOVED the educational aspect of the business. After all, I was still working on a dissertation in education at that point. I felt really good about my business and most importantly, I was carrying out my vision to get safer products to the women I interacted with. I also realized that although the mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone, women of color disproportionally carried a higher toxic load and were marketed some of the most harmful ingredients.


I kept showing up and doing the work in my business…and then something happened. I realized the work I was doing was not easy. As easily as I understood the laws that DO NOT protect us and urgency in cleaning up my own beauty products for my health, it was not as easy to help other people in my circle of influence to see the need for better health through the products they were using. I also realized the challenges in changing mindsets and breaking habits. I began to question whether my voice was effective in the work I set out to do. Here’s the blessing, although my business lay dormant for a while, it never failed! I had a few faithful Band of Beauty members and my own personal orders that kept my business afloat, even through the pandemic. I continued to carry out the mission in my household and still felt the passion to help others invest in their health in the products they used.

After becoming a certified REFIT® instructor in 2020, total wellness (mind, body, spirit health) became my personal brand. Holistic health became my focus and then it clicked for me, Beautycounter was the icing on the cake. This business that I so loved and enjoyed was the missing piece to my message of total wellness. It doesn’t make sense to eat cleanly but use dirty products? 🤷🏽‍♀️ So…I refocused my attention and re-invested my efforts into my Beautycounter business because I realized that clean beauty is not going anywhere, just more and more people will begin to realize that it’s for their health! And…I wanted to be available when they were ready!

Why I’m Proud to be a Beautycounter Consultant

So remember I said that I had started a skincare business from another line earlier in my life right? And, I had concluded that selling was not my thing. I also did not want to be that annoying sales person to just get people to buy a product that I didn’t enjoy or believe in, but I needed them to buy in order for my business to be profitable. Here’s why Beautycounter is different.

At Beautycounter, you don’t actually have to recruit anyone to have a successful business. And even if I choose to, I’ll still make more money if I focus on my own business instead of trying to ride on other people’s coattails by recruiting. I only make 5-9% of my recruits’ sales compared to 25-35% of my own. Yasss!

Plus, Beautycounter is actually not a multi-level marketing company (MLM), rather they’re “direct retail” because anyone can buy their products, even without using a consultant (just like at Sephora or MAC or Ulta). While they do use Independent Consultants, like me, their products are available through e-commerce, traditional retail partnerships (like with Goop and J.Crew), and promotional opportunities with other brands (they’re often in beauty box subscriptions, for example!).

And finally, Beautycounter does not require that you keep an inventory of any kind or even purchase any products for yourself, ever. So you are not out of any money unless you choose to buy their products for your own use. (And I’m certainly not throwing away products that are effective AND good for my health!)


My look after our charcoal mask and Flawless in 5 minute look!

Listen, you don’t have to harass people, be too aggressive or pushy in order to run your business. That’s someone who is strictly focused on sales. How much you sell is important for business growth, but what’s most important to me is what I’m selling. I’m selling knowledge and education. I am selling the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle and I am supporting that with products that solve problems, meet needs, and backs up what our mission is all about…to get safer products into the hands of everyone! I educate people. I encourage them to exercise faith over fear. I encourage them to step outside their comfort zone. I encourage them to try new things for their mental, spiritual, and physical health. I listen to people, I help them.

That’s where Beautycounter resonates with my personal mission and values in life, because I love being a helpful, trustworthy resource. Why am I a consultant? Because I genuinely like the products, use them myself and love sharing the things I love with people. And get this…as I am learning more about clean beauty through Beautycounter, I am learning about other brands of clean products and starting to transform my own household to be “clean” across the board. I freely share this knowledge of clean products for things such as kitchen products, laundry, nail products, and more with my clients! I also check the products they are currently using for ingredient safety, if they check out well then I say, “Great job. Keep using that one!”

Consultants are NOT just bored stay-at-home moms, not entrepreneurs. 

While it’s true that independent sales jobs are a really great fit for stay-at-home moms, at the end of the day, Beautycounter is a business. And I LOVE that this business empowers women to be their own advocates and their own boss. (Go check these facts out about women-owned businesses in the USA 💪🏽)

Do some consultants just join as a way to get 25% off all their products? Sure. But there are dozens of consultants making over six figures a year (seriously!). You have the opportunity to make $50/month or $50,000/month; we have actually had our first consultant earn $1 million. Whoa! 😲

**Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that earnings with Beautycounter may vary significantly, they depend on many factors, and not all Consultants will earn money. Relevant factors include each Consultant’s time dedicated to
selling/mentoring and their unique circumstances. To see more about the earnings of Beautycounter Consultants, please view the 2019 Income Disclosure Statement. In 2019, the average Beautycounter Consultant
earned $2,060 in the U.S. In Canada, the typical Consultant earned between $0 and $1,000, excluding income from retail sales of products.

But the point is, this business is what you make it. I love that women (and men!) can create a business that fits their lifestyle and ignites their passion.

I work with numerous consultants in this community that acknowledge Beautycounter has literally changed their lives. Yes, many consultants love Beautycounter because it’s flexible and on their terms and allows them to stay home with their kids (or their dog, mom, or, let’s be honest, working in their jammies). All of this for me! 😀

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that being a Beautycounter consultant is a legitimate business–it only furthers how incredible this opportunity is, and I think women need to not feel ashamed for doing what they can to empower themselves and their families. And do you want to know what is really so impactful about being a Beautycounter consultant? YOU BECOME AN ADVOCATE TO HELP CHANGE THE BEAUTY LAWS IN OUR COUNTRY. Using our voices and our dollars through our work at Beautycounter has actually helped support the passing of 9 beauty laws in our country! (Our CEO, Gregg Renfrew, is an amazing woman and has built this company in 8 years to become the “leaders in clean beauty”.) It’s an amazing feeling to know you play a part in this work. And…your voice is still needed, because there is still A LOT of work to do!

Why should we be ashamed of working a business that allows us to take care of ourselves? On top of that, Beautycounter allows us to take care of our largest organ…our skin!

Our CEO Gregg Renfrew opens this video. This video is a great introduction to Beautycounter as a company.

Is the brand perfect? No. No company is. Are they constantly striving for ways to be better, clean up the beauty industry and keep us (all of us) safe? Absolutely, that is what I LOVE!

I don’t know any green/natural beauty brands that third-party tests all of their products (for example, Beautycounter tests their makeup three times for 10 heavy metals before its sold) AND creates laws around transparency and safety. It also took them 5 years to make the Clean Deo (deodorant) to make sure it was high-performing, did not include over 1800+ known harmful ingredients and sustainable. Now that’s integrity!

Beautycounter is also a Certified B. Corp to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, which is HUGE!

Between their EWG Certification, their Never List, third-party testing, advocacy work in Washington and transparency, I honestly don’t know any other brand that is this clean, non-toxic, safe AND actually works! 🙌🏽

Beautycounter Consultant FAQ

If you’re still reading, I get the feeling that you’re intrigued by this whole Beautycounter thing and you might have some questions. I know I did! So I’ve included an FAQ below of the most frequently asked questions or things people think about being a consultant.

Q: Do Beautycounter consultants get a discount?

A: Yes! Beautycounter consultants receive 25% off every purchase, not to mention other consultant perks like exclusive access to new product launches, special sampler sets and bundles/collections that are deeply discounted and lots of free gifts and rewards!

Q: How much does a Beautycounter consultant make? 

A: You want to know what kind of commissions you can expect? Here’s how it works: in its simplest terms, you start at a 25% commission on all sales and that can increase up to 35% based on performance. Sell $100, make $25 (up to $35). How awesome is that? You can also earn a commission as you get consultants to sign up under you, which is 5-9% of their sales based on performance. So it pays to build a team, but not as much as it pays to grow your own business. Below is our compensation plan, which can be kinda confusing if you’ve never seen it before. But if you’re interested in learning more, drop me an email and I can walk you through it.

So, that’s how you make money as a Beautycounter consultant. Check out the stats from 2019 for all Beautycounter consultants (remember: consultants determine when and how much they wish to work. Many of consultants choose to spend a few hours a week with Beautycounter, while others have made it a full-time focus. As a result, the amount of commissions earned can vary significantly.)

Highlights of 2019 earnings:

  • The average total annual income for all U.S. Consultants was $2,060
  • Top 1% of Consultants were paid on average $94,718
  • Top 10% were paid on average $16,410
  • Top 50% were paid on average $4,056

While the income can vary quite a bit, it’s really all about what you’re willing to put into the business. Any success takes work and consistency. This is huge with Beautycounter. A little every day goes a long way in building your business! Like any business, you can’t give up too easily or throw in the towel before you’ve really given it a real shot. And you can’t just sit around and wait for the sales to start rolling in. But if you put in the work, I promise you, it will pay off! After 4 years with Beautycounter this is absolutely true for me!

Q: What is required of me as a consultant? 

A: As a consultant, you are not required to keep an inventory or spend any of your own personal money each month, or really do much of anything. It’s truly on your terms, even if that means you just buy yourself products at a 25% discount and never tell another soul about it.

The only requirement is that you sell $1,200 every six months, including your own personal orders. If you don’t, you’re not financially penalized or shamed, you are just simply downgraded to a Band of Beauty member.

Q: What’s the difference between a member vs consultant?

A: As a member, you’re afforded amazing perks, but you don’t make any money by selling Beautycounter. You’re essentially just a customer in a loyalty program. As a consultant, you’re a contracted employee who earns a commission on every sale you generate for the company. Why not make money off your own products? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Q: Is there a cost to become a consultant? 

A: All you have to do is pay $50 (which is tax deductible) to become a consultant. Why is there a fee? This fee covers your own personalized Beautycounter website, resources and truly helpful customer support.

Q: OK. I’m interested. But I am not good at sales. Can I still be successful? 

A: I hear you on not wanting to be salesy. I didn’t and still don’t. And I worried about the same thing. Here’s my motto: We don’t sell, we yell! “Hey, do you know what’s in your products?” Seriously, we educate and share our mission, advocacy work, and high-performing products. It’s up to the other person to decide if they feel the same way that we do. And because I know things that are good for our health will always be in style, I believe using my voice consistently will always pay off!

There are a lot of ways to promote the product–you can start simply on social media, you can host events or set up booths at fairs, farmers markets, doctor’s offices, friends’ houses, etc. You can use LinkedIn, create a Private Facebook group, start an email newsletter, ask friends and family for referrals, work with other influencers in a sponsored capacity, approach mom’s groups or your kids’ school, seek out fundraisers looking for sponsors and donation. One of my favorites, sign up to be a vendor at events in your area. This has really been super effective in my business, in one day’s work! The options are endless.

And while having an already built audience or circle of influence is great, there’s nothing quite as powerful and persuasive as showing someone the actual products in person so they can sample the product, see how it feels and smells, whether or not it matches their skin tone or flatters their features (with the pandemic, mailing products and following up is also super effective).

Q: If I already have a job, why should I become a Beautycounter consultant? 

A: Personally, I partnered with Beautycounter initially not to replace my business, rather as another income stream that would allow me to make money from talking about something I am truly passionate about, being a part of a mission I could proud of, and talking about a topic I wholeheartedly love. It was a no brainer! Now, guys, I decided to dedicate more time and reach for higher levels in the company because Beautycounter actually completes my developed Total Wellness by Dr. TC brand. I provide services to people in all things health and wellness. I am a licensed therapist (mental health), pastor’s wife (spiritual health), group fitness instructor (physical health), and a clean beauty consultant (environmental, mental, physical and spiritual health). For me, it did not make sense to promote good things to go in your body and not promote good things to go on your body!

Q: How many Beautycounter consultants are there? Isn’t the market too saturated already?

A: At last count, there were 40,000 consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada. While that number sounds like a lot, there are 327.16 million people in the United States alone, meaning that’s one consultant for every 8,179 people. THERE IS ROOM FOR EVERYBODY! And there is only one you. People like to buy from people they know; people LOVE to buy from people they trust. Be that person for them.

Q: I’ve heard something about starter kits. What’s in them?

A: This is one of the BEST perks of becoming a Beautycounter consultant. When you decide to enroll as a consultant, you have the option of purchasing one of our deeply discounted starter sets. There are 5 sets to choose from, which are discounted roughly 35-44% off retail price. Do you have to purchase them? No, Beautycounter doesn’t make you do anything. Do I recommend getting at least one? YES! This is how you can present products to people and try some for yourself! However, as a mentor, I always help consultants develop alternate strategies to sampling and trying products even if they do not purchase the set. I have had both types of consultants in our sisterhood.

People like to touch and feel things before they buy them…particularly women! Ha! And even if they are not able to touch and feel them, they like to hear genuine testimonies of your experience with the products. Likewise, if you have products on hand, you can use them for photography, social media tutorials, for drop offs, to bring with you to events for people to try, etc. If you are interested in learning more about the products in each kit, just send me an email!

: What are some of your favorite Beautycounter products? (no particular order)

A: There are SOOOO many good ones. Here’s my Top 12 List:

  1. Cleansing Balm (I use this as a makeup remover, dry skin repair, overnight mask, body moisturizer, lip moisturizer, and more! Definitely my travel companion since its an all-in-one product.)
  2. All Bright C Serum (packed with Vitamin C–my acne scars have lightened since I started using this!)
  3. Countertime Skincare Regime (so luxurious on my skin and has improved my skin tremendously! It’s a spa experience every morning and night)
  4. Overnight Resurfacing Peel (wake up to glowing, smooth skin, resurfaces skin while you sleep)
  5. Makeup Remover Wipes (for when I’m too lazy to wash my face, which is quite often as a homeschool mom of a preschooler)
  6. Charcoal Mask (gets rid of blackheads and evens skin tone)
  7. Charcoal Cleansing Bar (the daily detox bar, cleaner for makeup brushes, removes laudry stains! A must have bar for every household!)
  8. Skin Twin Foundation (hydrating, not cakey but perfect amount of coverage, won’t clog pores, reduces lines + wrinkles)
  9. Counterman Charcoal Body Bar (I know I am not a man, but this body bar smells amazing and detoxifies with the active charcoal as well. Win/win!)
  10. Melting Body Balm (Oh my! This is vacation in a bottle! An awesome smell and a product that goes on like a body cream and melts in your skin like an oil.)
  11. The Clean Deo (Amazing, clean deodorant that works! This deodorant has three awesome scents and it can stand up to the toughest sweat producing activities. I lead group fitness 3x/week and it holds very well! It’s also my prevention method against breast cancer 💕)
  12. Counter+ No. 3 Balancing Face Oil (This oil does exactly what it says, provides a healthy balance of oils in your skin. Great for acne prone skin to help control break outs as well!)
Q: Love the products, but I’m not interested in being a consultant.

A: No worries. That’s great too! You can simply shop or become a member at Beautycounter.com and feel good about putting safer products into your home, shower, makeup bag and sharing with your family!

Q: What if I don‘t like the products?

A: No sweat! Get this, Beautycounter offers a 60-day return policy, no questions asked, even on used products. So it’s literally 100% risk free.

Q: Anything you don’t like about Beautycounter? 

A: I have very, very few complaints. And remember, I have been in the business for 4 years so I know this company and the products! But if I had to pick, the jellies are too small for me, but they taste and look great! I don’t like the fact they got rid of the baby and kids products! They are amazing and all my son has used since he was born (I joined 2 weeks before he was born and he is now 4 years old! ❤️). However, I get it from a business point of view. I also didn’t enjoy the look of the shimmer oil on my skin. And…for me, that’s it! Honestly! 💋

Q: I’m in! How do I join? 

A: Get out! I’m so happy for you! Get ready for some serious fun and engaging in a business that is so valuable in the world! Becoming a Beautycounter consultant is beyond easy. Simply sign up through their website here.

If you desire an experienced consultant to mentor you and and walk alongside you to help build a successful business, I’d love to talk with you about joining my sisterhood, the SKINtations! Catchy name right!? The SKIN in SKINtations stands for Sharing Knowledge, Inspire, & Nurture. And that is exactly what our sisterhood of women do for each other in our businesses week after week, day after day. You can always count on the presence of positive support and a wealth of resources to help you WIN IN YOUR BUSINESS! Do you need a mentor? Not necessarily, BUT there’s a lot to learn and while it’s not rocket science, having a support system, a cheerleader, someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions and just share in your success is DEFINITELY helpful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I went stagnate in my business for a couple of years, my sisterhood connections were a constant and these ladies never gave up on me!

There are group calls you could join in on weekly, private Facebook groups, mentoring sessions and more. You tell me the pace you are comfortable with and we can go from there. So I can provide you with as much support, or as little, as you need…and we can adjust as you desire as well. 😊


There it is! I gave you as much as I thought would be helpful in my written words but definitely could talk more about Beautycounter and how it has benefitted my life and the lives of others. Listen, faith over fear! If you want to drop me a message, we can definitely hop on a call! Beautycounter may or may not be for you, BUT, if you are remotely interested in learning more, consider hopping on a virtual opportunity call for potential consultants and hear first-hand from other consultant experiences with Beautycounter. Hey! I may be one of the featured consultants so you can meet me “virtually” as well. 😃

Use the contact form below to message me about anything that was not answered in this blog post. I’m happy to serve you!

Dr. TC

Affiliate Disclosure Policy

This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products because I have personally used these products and recommend them because they are from Beautycounter, a company I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

Does it bring you JOY?

I watched a season of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo some time ago. If you are not familiar with this show, it is a home organization show with experienced organizer Marie Kondo who created the KonMari method to home organization. One of her organizational strategies in helping people declutter their lives is to ask a simple question, “Does it bring you joy?” If the answer is not a clear yes, then that item is let go, making room for the items that do actually bring joy and have value. The items could be an article of clothing, shoes, books, kitchen appliances, etc.

After months of watching this series, the simple question of “Does it bring you JOY” has sat with me. I have recently applied it to my life both personally and professionally. It has been an emotionally freeing journey thus far really…as I have spent a lot of time evaluating all the things that I spend time, money, and energy doing that really do not bring me joy. Can you witness to this reality? I have reached a point in my life where I am intentionally and fervently clearing out things, people included, that do not bring me joy. I’m finding myself in a process of doing such things as getting rid of articles of clothing, adjusting my professional roles & tasks, setting healthier boundaries with myself and others, separating myself from emotional weights and struggles that do not belong to me but someone else, re-committing myself to things I had previously let go of because of fear and intimidation. Listen, ya’ll…it is truly freeing. I am just beginning this journey, but the process of just mentally preparing for some decisions and actions I plan to make has already released so much weight.

It’s a simple question with a life-changing, powerful impact. I want to challenge you to take some time, reflect on every area of your life one by one and ask yourself…”Does it bring me JOY?” If the answer is no, not really, kind of, or sometimes, then I would say it’s a good time to re-evaluate and re-adjust to intentionally create time and space for more JOY in your life.

What are some things in your life you have already discovered that do not bring you JOY?

Journey to Joy,

Dr. TC

It’s For Your Health…

What is it about this phrase that kicks me into action? I serve my circle of influence and community with all things health and wellness. From leading a group fitness program, online total wellness support group, to providing skincare education and products as a “clean” beauty consultant with Beautycounter, I have realized that health is truly wealth. There are so many more opportunities afforded to you when you are in good health. Good health is not just what you eat, but also how you live. The mind, body, and spirit are so intertwined that what occurs in one area spills over into the next. The Bible says this about health…

I assume (and hope) most of us have been thinking more about our health in the past year since the pandemic manifested. Good health (in your mind, body, and spirit) is vital to abundant living. Good health is a shield and a ticket. Take heed when you hear the phrase “It’s for your health…” If it’s good for you, it’s worth your time and investment.

Live Well,

Dr. TC

Your Vibe Will Attract Your Tribe

What’s in YOU will attract what’s around YOU! Dr. TC

I heard this statement recently in my Beautycounter business meeting I attended earlier this week, and it really STRUCK and STUCK with me. I immediately began to mentally scan the spaces I occupy and the people in those spaces. I will say, after many years of dealing with lost friendships, navigating challenging relationships, etc. I am happy with the circles in which I presently interact. I am surrounded by some really good people with mutual reciprocity.

What’s your vibe? Are you attracting the tribe you desire? Attracting the tribe you desire first begins with becoming the person you want to be. Positive energy attracts positive experiences and relationships; as goes for negative energy attracts negative experiences and relationships.

I would characterize my present tribe like this:

✨Entrepreneurers 😜


✨Game changers

✨Go getters

✨Never give upers 😉


✨Passionate givers

✨Money makers

✨God walkers

✨Faith builders

✨BIG Dreamers

When you find the right people to connect with there is great reward in your connection experiences, even if you don’t live in the same city or talk every day. When you do get together, it’s like a breath of fresh air. You just fit…quite comfortably!

What’s your vibe? How would you describe your tribe?

Dr. TC

Hello Passions

I don’t care how busy I am, when I am busying myself with things I am passionate about, it never seems like work. Dr. TC

I have recently been introduced and re-introduced to things I am passionate about. What I am discovering about passions is that they lead to purpose. Passions are things that you are drawn to and that, in many ways, come natural to you. Passions are often first manifested in your mind and in your spirit as a thought. Have you ever had some goal or dream in your mind that you can’t seem to stop thinking about? Have you ever thought on something so deeply and intensely, you can physically feel yourself having or being in that place? Passions create these imaginative experiences.

So, how does imagination relate to reality?

Scripture tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 (KJV), “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ…” The same scripture in the Message bible says, “We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ.” In looking at these scriptures, we see that we have power over what we choose to think, our imagination. Additionally, what we choose to think on determines what we become. God desires us to think how He thinks about us. For example, if I can imagine myself a millionaire, I will become one because my thoughts will lead me to my passions, which will lead me to my purpose and destiny. Scripture also tells us, God will not put more on us than we can bare. If I couldn’t bare being a millionaire, then God wouldn’t even give me the thought I could be one! He knows what you can handle. I read something about imagination that was so powerful…Imagination is like a software that programs our behavior, expectations and actions.

I believe this is the season to chase after your passions. This is the season to think as big as you can. This is the season to move in the direction of your imaginations.

What are you passionate about?

  • Owning your own business?
  • Being debt free?
  • Being a stay at home mom?
  • A certain career?
  • Being on tv?
  • Buying a house?
  • Being a parent?
  • Owning multiple businesses?
  • Becoming a partner?
  • Traveling?
  • Serving others?

Say hello to your passions. Whatever your passions, be intentional about thinking on those things every day. Your thoughts will pull you into the direction of your passions, giving you the power to become what you imagine to be!

Hello Passions,

Dr. TC

This week, I Held My Black Son and Cried…

I wasn’t expecting to experience what happened on this week. I have a very inquisitive 3-year-old son who, surprisingly, is very interested in what is going on in the world. He doesn’t want to miss out on anything. We were reviewing who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was and how the day we celebrate his life and legacy is coming up. He asked what happened to him and I shared that he was assassinated. Of course, he then wanted to know what assassinated meant. After a series of more questions about how the assassination happened, who did it and why…he compelled me to pray for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I hesitantly told him there was no need to pray for him because he was already dead. He continued to insist, so I obliged. As the words began to escape his heart, it certainly landed on mine. He began to pray for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the man who assassinated him. He also began to pray for the men who attacked the Capitol and that they would stop shooting and hurting people. He prayed they would love like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And he sealed his prayer by asking God to let all people in the world love Him.

His prayer was earnest. His prayer was confident. He was not anxious, worried, or seemed distressed. He honestly prayed for a better world with no doubt God couldn’t make it happen.

With tears in my eyes, I picked him up, hugged him, and cried. Through my tears, I began to grieve having a black son in this country and in this world. I felt inadequate in protecting him from the evil he prayed so earnestly against. I also felt hope. I also felt encouraged. And best of all, I was empowered by my 3-year-old to not only continue to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr….but continue the fight to make his DREAM come true. It was evident, my 3-year-old did not consider it a dream, but prayed it into existence.

My hope is that we all intentionally celebrate unity in the midst of division, peace in the midst of chaos, and hope in the midst of uncertainty.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Dr. TC

An unusual day…

Yesterday…1/6/21, was an unusual day. It started with parenting challenges that escalated throughout the day. Frustration was at a high. I felt defeated, discouraged, because my efforts to rectify situations and behaviors were failing over and over. Something was unusual. The enemy felt near. I decided just that morning before starting the day to choose happiness no matter the circumstances. I should have known any commitment to peace, joy, or sincere happiness would trigger the enemy’s attempts to divert my plans and take back what was uttered from my spirit…what was in alignment with God’s will and character. It didn’t matter the subject was a 3-year-old, the enemy sensed victory and could not leave well enough alone. John 10:10 (KJV) says, “The thief cometh not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…” I should have known something bigger and greater was at hand. I knew something just didn’t feel quite right about the day.

I’m out of the house completing the day’s tasks, when news alerts hit my phone of a growing mob of people at the Capitol building, violating the building and the grounds and NO law enforcement in sight. I repeat NO. The reporter at the scene spoke with shock and dismay at what was transpiring openly, boldly, and without any form of resistance. The news was…paralyzing. I felt frustrated and defeated. Then I realized this was a familiar feeling. This was the same feeling that started with the events earlier in the day. I was warned. The same enemy attempting to destroy me, was the same enemy attempting to destroy the nation. I was warned. I see many stating “this was a sad day.” This was not a sad day. A day in November, 4 years ago was a sad day as an American, particularly as a Black American. I was warned.

I was privy to the knowledge of God through my own personal experiences. I know whatever purpose God has for me is greater than I could imagine. John 10:10 (KJV) also states, “…I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” For the record, my 3-year-old is fine. Because ultimately, it wasn’t about my 3-year-old, it was about me. The same grace and mercy extended to me time and time again, I extended to my 3-year-old. Tomorrow is a new day and I was warned on today. I now have new strategies to help me defeat the enemy trying to devour my purpose.

America, on the other hand, are you willing to use the strategies given to you to devour the enemy? You were warned. The Charlotte riots were a warning. Breonna Taylor was a warning. Ahmaud Arbery was a warning. George Floyd was a warning. The events of this presidential election are not a surprise to me. America was warned. Heed the warnings. There is a greater purpose for your existence. Do you realize our country was created for a purpose? God is speaking to you.

This was an unusual day. And, an unusual day requires unusual strategies for an unusual victory. I plan to win.

Dr. TC