Greetings! I am glad you found me…

Dreams don’t work unless you do! Author unknown

kneesinchaircroppedIf you are a dreamer, you are in the right place! If you want to be a dreamer, you are in the right place. I desire to offer words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment to help you dream again and go after those dreams…those God inspired dreams. I am in the business of Empowerment! I spend my days empowering people mentally, physically, and spiritually. I created #totalwellness by Dr. TC and #fashionfaithfitness as a hub for the services I provide to people through my blogs, books, group fitness program, total wellness program, and ministry life. I want to help you live your best life. I want to help you find balance. I want to help you accomplish every health and wellness goal through God’s grace. I know accomplishing your goals first starts within. What behavior is contrary to your values? What thoughts make you lose hope in your dreams? What emotional challenges keep you separated from God? What relationships lead you away from your dreams and goals? It is my earnest prayer that every word read and spoken on these pages ignites the inner wisdom and power God has equipped all of us with so that we may all become dreamers, believers, and achievers!

Here’s how I can serve YOU 👍🏽:

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✨ Become a Wellness Warrior by joining my Total Wellness online support group

✨ Join my online group fitness program, REFIT® by Dr. TC for fun, affordable, weekly workouts in a supportive atmosphere

And most importantly, stay connected as God directs me to do more. For booking requests you can find my contact information on the “How to get up with Dr. TC” page. Warning: Be prepared to be inspired!


15 thoughts on “Greetings! I am glad you found me…

  1. Kena Walton says:

    You are a great inspiration to me and many!! I appreciate you much and glad to be apart of such a great Ministry FTOP! You go and do what God has for you and I am so proud of you First Lady Tia!! 😘😘


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