Take the lead or you will be led…

I had an experience with someone recently that is challenged in taking the lead in their own lives. It’s one thing to lose leadership over others and another losing leadership over yourself. As I pondered this, I realized how dangerous it is to not recognize our own setbacks that hold us back from showing up in our lives. I also realized that not taking the lead means by default you will be led by something or someone else. You will lose your voice and ability to direct your own life and future.

Taking the lead to me means to show up, to dream, to set goals, to act. Taking the lead is more than just awareness “I need to do better”, but a plan and start date for “better”. Many people get stuck at the stage between planning and starting, thinking and doing. I believe there are so many dreams delayed simply because of inaction. It’s time to show up and go. Can you imagine a car with brake pedals only? What about a car that can only go in reverse? We would label this type of vehicle as “dysfunctional”.

Don’t get stuck in inaction and dysfunction. Take the lead in your life. Set goals and actually do something to try and achieve them. Be confident. Be bold. Take the lead.

What does this statement mean to you?

Dr. TC

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