Does it bring you JOY?

I watched a season of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo some time ago. If you are not familiar with this show, it is a home organization show with experienced organizer Marie Kondo who created the KonMari method to home organization. One of her organizational strategies in helping people declutter their lives is to ask a simple question, “Does it bring you joy?” If the answer is not a clear yes, then that item is let go, making room for the items that do actually bring joy and have value. The items could be an article of clothing, shoes, books, kitchen appliances, etc.

After months of watching this series, the simple question of “Does it bring you JOY” has sat with me. I have recently applied it to my life both personally and professionally. It has been an emotionally freeing journey thus far really…as I have spent a lot of time evaluating all the things that I spend time, money, and energy doing that really do not bring me joy. Can you witness to this reality? I have reached a point in my life where I am intentionally and fervently clearing out things, people included, that do not bring me joy. I’m finding myself in a process of doing such things as getting rid of articles of clothing, adjusting my professional roles & tasks, setting healthier boundaries with myself and others, separating myself from emotional weights and struggles that do not belong to me but someone else, re-committing myself to things I had previously let go of because of fear and intimidation. Listen, ya’ll…it is truly freeing. I am just beginning this journey, but the process of just mentally preparing for some decisions and actions I plan to make has already released so much weight.

It’s a simple question with a life-changing, powerful impact. I want to challenge you to take some time, reflect on every area of your life one by one and ask yourself…”Does it bring me JOY?” If the answer is no, not really, kind of, or sometimes, then I would say it’s a good time to re-evaluate and re-adjust to intentionally create time and space for more JOY in your life.

What are some things in your life you have already discovered that do not bring you JOY?

Journey to Joy,

Dr. TC

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