4 Ways on How to Wait for Your Breakthrough

If you’ve read my blog The Waiting Place you know there are two ways to wait: Waiting In Fear or Waiting in Faith. The following are recommendations on how to Wait in Faith until your breakthrough comes!

1. Pray. Pray not only for the end of your waiting, but also pray for the strength to endure, to persevere no matter how long you have to wait. I like to say, patience is waiting well…no anxiety, fear, or bad attitude. Wait well.

2. Monitor your sensory intake. What (or who) are you listening to? What are reading? Who are you around? What are you consuming? It’s important that while you wait, only allow yourself to take in information that fuels your soul and body with all things positive and healthy. Read the scriptures, positive messages, uplifting music, exercise, and eat well.

3. Speak in faith. After monitoring sensory intake, practice being intentional about what you put out…of your mouth. Speak the things you believe not the things you see. Practice self-affirmations daily. See recent post on 25 Powerful Daily Self Affirmation Statements for 2021 to read, print, and share.

4. Put steps 1-3 on repeat.

Wait well,

Dr. TC

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