Get Moving During the Holidays

The Holiday months are the typical time many of us abandon our goals and give up on our journey towards physical health. This year, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is very possible to enjoy the Holiday months and stay committed to your goals. Many of us have been more stagnate throughout this year due to the pandemic, but I am determined to encourage and support good mental, physical, and spiritual health during the last couple of months of the year.

I want to encourage you to get up and move this Holiday season. Getting your body moving does not only affect your physical health, but also helps to combat stress, depression, and anxiety. Getting up and moving also encourages greater clarity of thought to help you visualize and plan better for 2021!

I know for some of us, getting up and moving is very challenging. For some it’s because of a lack of motivation. For others, maybe it’s because your body is no longer conditioned to movement and it may feel impossible. That’s why I have developed 5 (simple) Ways to Get Moving During the Holidays.

Listen…when you make small changes in your physical health, your body celebrates with you by doing things you thought it couldn’t do.

As we finish out this year in the Holiday Season and prepare to enter into next year, think about who you want to take with you into 2021. Do you want to take the person you are now with you? Don’t enter a new year with old habits. Be determined to start something new for you and those that watch you and depend on you.

You have nothing to lose and the whole world to gain! Check out my resources designed to support you on your journey: REFIT® by Dr. TC and Total Wellness by Dr. TC

It’s Time to Move,

Dr. TC

2 thoughts on “Get Moving During the Holidays

  1. lanamurrell says:

    Thank you for the five ways to get moving during the holiday. The one I need to remember is starting small. I know where I want to be and what I want to do but some days my schedule doesn’t allow me to spend as much time. I believe if I incorporate the 10 minutes a dat I’ll see more success .

    Can you expound a little more on, “live what you want to leave“?

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    • drtiacrooms says:

      Yes! Just 10 mins a day doing something related to physical exercise. Can be inside or outside. Live what you want to leave is saying live your life in the present what you want future generations to remember about you. If you want to leave wealth and abundance then tackle debt, save, and tithe in your present. If you want to leave good health then continue to work on total wellness in the present. If you want to leave happiness and joy, then continue to read your Word and live out biblical principles presently. Practice forgiveness, patience, show kindness and love, etc. Likewise, if you want to leave a mess continue to live a mess!


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