A Child Lost on Mother’s Day…

As I am celebrating the gift of motherhood of an amazing 3-year-old son, I can’t help but think about the mother of #AhmaudArbery who lost her precious son. I’m sure she was not prepared to not have her son with her on Mother’s Day. Just like I am not prepared to not have my son with me on every Mother’s Day from here until my final days on earth.

But, the reality is…as a black mom, that fear is ALWAYS present. I feared raising a black son the day of our gender reveal party. And, the world has gotten worse since that day. I am raising an intelligent, caring, loving young boy who is one of the friendliest persons you will ever meet. In our neighborhood, every person our son encounters, he greets as if it’s his long lost family member. He loves PEOPLE no matter the color of their skin. He knows, at a young age, how to find common connections in people that makes your heart smile. He yells across the grassy courtyard area and says “Hey!!” to everyone. He even looks back at me when they don’t respond and says, “Mommy, I said hello.” And I say, “I know baby, they didn’t hear you (although sometimes certain people do). You still show friendliness regardless.” I don’t wan’t to take that away from him. His love for people. His innocence. His ability to see the “good” in people.

The reality is…one day, much, much sooner than I anticipate, I am going to have to have more serious conversations with him about why some people don’t like him simply because he is “black”. I am going to have to explain to him why being black is not always safe in this world. My heart breaks imagining these conversations, as he is being raised by a woman who also really, genuinely, LOVES people and gets choked up thinking about people who hate others they have never taken the time to get to know.

So on today and everyday, I am celebrating Mother’s Day with a weeping heart. May every mother in the world, no matter your race, carry the burden of raising children who love deeply and value the safety and equality for all mankind. God’s sovereignty and our future generation are our (my) only hope!

Dr. TC

One thought on “A Child Lost on Mother’s Day…

  1. bdcrooms says:

    So true. My prayer is that our son will find the strength of those generations above him. They survived with a strong faith in God, purposefully living, enjoying the simply things in life. Elliott is destined for better whether he has to face adversities and challenges. I am ready to talk to my black son without making generalizations but by exposing him to truth. Thanks sharing.


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