Discover Prompt 25

I don’t believe in magic, I believe in miracles…although miracles can feel magical. Dr. TC

Miracles are all around us. Miracles happen every day and at every moment whether we realize it or not.

Miracles come from an omnipotent, omniscient God who finds pleasure in performing miracles throughout the earth. I believe miracles keep us humble, grounded, and connected. I believe miracles are God’s way of saying “I’m in control, and I love you.”

There are two miraculous “magical” days that have a permanent place in my memory. I choose to share the one that occurred in my adult years to encourage someone that may think “magical” moments are just for children. Interestingly, my “magical” day occurred as an adult at DisneyWorld! Ha!

The trip was beyond perfection. In addition to the joyous company gathering, presentation of speakers, and lots of free stuff, every staff member received free tickets to DisneyWorld for the next day. My co-worker/friend and I were ecstatic to experience DisneyWorld together. Everything is more fun when it’s free right?

The next day we teamed up with two other colleagues we adored and spent the entire day laughing, playing, and frolicking around DisneyWorld. Here is the most “magical”, unexpected moment of the day. As we entered the park, right after presenting our tickets, we were met by park attendants who were very eager to give us something. They immediately handed us “free” lanyards with two beautifully adorned keepsake character pins and greeted us with, “Welcome to the Year of a Million Dreams.”

We were happily stunned and didn’t know what hit us. If you are a dreamer like myself, imagine waking up tomorrow morning and God says to you, “Welcome to the Year of a Million Dreams.” We had no idea what we were stepping into. The rest of our experience that day included free opportunities to collect and trade character pins to fill up our lanyards, a lot more free stuff with every turn in the park, and fast lane express passes which allowed us to go to the front of the line on every ride in the park. It was unbelievable.

I often wonder why this experience has stuck with me through the years. At face value, it was truly a “magical” day that many people may not ever experience at DisneyWorld without a hefty price tag, but I believe there is a much deeper meaning for me. On that day, I felt a huge sense of security, peace, innocent joy that totally blocked out everything that may have been contrary to what I was experiencing at that very moment. I felt like I was in a dream, yet it was real. I felt the glass ceiling being lifted off of me and everything I envisioned was possible and within reach.

That’s what miracles do. They give you hope and make whatever you desire to do in the world feel like it’s right at your fingertips. I feel like I’m due for a miracle. I have recently felt smothered by a glass ceiling, and will admit I have not revisited this memory enough as a means of encouragement and motivation. I have always been a dreamer and I dream BIG. Presently, I am fighting to dream with conviction, yer I will admit, writing about this memory gives me a sense of hope that one day I will walk into my “Year of a Million Dreams” unexpectedly in real life.

Dream BIG,

Dr. TC

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