Discover Prompt Day 13: To Teach

Today’s inspiration comes from day 13 of the writing prompts on WordPress. I will admit, I discovered these writing prompts a bit late. We are on day 13, yet immediately after discovering these prompts I was drawn to participate to help train myself to write daily. I even made a to do list with my 3-year-old son right after breakfast, listing the top 5-6 things to do today. I decided late last night that today was the day. Today was the day I would begin training myself to write and read daily to perfect my skills. I also decided to bring my 3-year-old son along for the journey to teach him the importance of incorporating dedicated time to intentionally read and write daily from a place of inspiration and freedom. During these planned times, my vision is that we both choose what we read and what we write and just let our minds and our hearts lead us.

Now, this is a good sedgeway into what it means to me “to teach”. I have the gifting to teach that did not start with a recognizable desire to teach. I think because I always envisioned being a medical doctor from the time I was very young, I never thought of myself as a true teacher, although doctors certainly teach and train as well. When I thought of a teacher, I always thought of a big, wooden teacher’s desk, chalkboard, and approximately 15 students all staring back at me while I taught lessons throughout the day on various subjects on a daily 7-4 pm schedule.

It was not until after receiving my PhD, yes it took this long, that I actually started to envision myself as a teacher. Don’t get me wrong, throughout my years of education and work experiences I have always been in a “teaching” role in some capacity. I’ve led teams as a supervisor, I’ve obtained certification to supervise upcoming licensed mental health therapists, I facilitate several mini workshops and seminars in our ministry I’ve led a team of therapists in professional development, etc. However, my experiences in my doctorate program began to open my eyes to the possibility of being able to use my creativity and personal style of leading and training in my role as teacher. This was the moment I actually begin to explore teaching opportunities and imagine using my role as teacher to continue to serve others.

I enjoy using my creativity to teach and train. I am an experiential teacher. I enjoy creating experiences that bring new knowledge, new insights, new awareness, and transformation. It is truly the most powerful, rewarding opportunity to create an experience, lead others through the experience, watch them transform in the experience, and listen to others own the experience as a source of growth and transformation. Teaching is just that for me, an exchange of experiences and role. I begin as the teacher and through experience, I develop students that become teachers and continue to pay it forward.

I am a homeschool mom and I love it. It is one of the most challenging teaching jobs I have experienced, and I still love it. As a homeschool mom, the challenge lies in the constant navigation of teaching and parenting. There is a fine line that stretches me, paper thin some days, but in a way that motivates me to continue in my role day after day. There is joy in shaping the mind of a child, especially my own. It is rewarding to create life experiences and use my creativity to develop a little human academically, spiritually, and emotionally. It’s scary too at times, because if years down the road my child does not thrive, I would feel obligated to take the responsibility for the outcome. I manage these anxieties by showing up every day with the intention to be the best teacher and mom I can be with the resources given to me. And with that, I more easily stay in the place of contentment and maintain my drive to continue the course.

One thing I’m sure I have in common with many teachers, teachers don’t give up on their students very easily. As a teacher, I automatically take on two roles, the teacher and the student. Yes, I believe good teachers have to also be good students simultaneously. I love new knowledge. I love learning. I love discovering and experiencing along with my students. I am a teacher.

Dr. TC

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