The Importance of Journaling

Writing can be a very powerful outlet for thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it’s easier to formulate thoughts on paper versus speaking. My hypothesis is because it takes more time for a thought to travel from your head to your hand than from your head to your mouth, there is more time to process the thought before it comes out. Thank God for biology. Ha!

When it comes to challenging times in life I particularly find writing is more healing than speaking. When life is frustrating and overwhelming it is more difficult to guard my tongue against speaking negative words about my situation. But, when I write I tend to take more time to reflect and connect with God before releasing my pen to transcribe my thoughts. My thoughts are clearer and I can really “hear” myself as I read my own written thoughts. I also like the “eraser” feature when I write. What comes out that I regret, I simply erase and change my written thought. The words I speak I can’t take back so easily. (SN: Wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to “erase” certain words we speak about ourselves and others instantly?? At least we have repentance!)

In my career as a mental health therapist, I often encourage my clients to journal in between sessions. Sometimes it is guided journaling activities with a specific task to do, other times I request spontaneous journaling writing activities about a particular experience or emotion. Journaling is initially challenging for those novice journal writers. Yet journaling has always been healing to my clients who follow my guidance.

I keep hearing, somebody needs to speak less and pick up a pen and write more! Somebody needs to release pinned up pain, anger, frustration, and fear in a safe way. Just write! Release your thoughts. Write your dreams. Write your vision. Write your prayers. I love that God also reads our writings in the same way He hears our prayers.

Happy Journaling,

Dr. TC

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