Job openings for Transition! Are you ready to apply?

toa-heftiba-510008-unsplashJob Title: Transition

Open date: NOW!

Closing date: You determine.

Job description: God is hiring people who are ready for transition! We have several openings in the department of Enlarged Territory. We are looking for those that have a desire to transition from the state that they are in to the next level. We are seeking candidates who have been in a valley and are ready for possession and manifestation. Specific duties include fervent prayer, spiritual warfare, and occasional fasting. In the role of transition responsibilities include total trust in God and a flexible schedule, as travel may be required. Benefit package includes abundant blessings, miracles, signs, wonders, and overflow. 

Qualifications: Master’s degree in Faith; at least 2 years experience in spiritual discernment and serving others; at least 5 years experience in obedience; and a valid God issued driver’s license.

If you feel you meet the above qualifications click APPLY HERE to fill out the employment application. You may contact our HR department at 888-555-LOVE with any questions.

It’s time to transition! God is ready to transition us to win! Just like in Joshua 6:1-27, the walls falling down symbolized a transition. It was time to possess the land. I’m sure many of us are excited about our transition and ready to shout, but when God is ready to transition us from one phase in life to the next we have to be ready for the transition. With each new level comes a new devil!

Look at the job description above. We must have a degree in faith and experience in spiritual discernment, experience in obedience, and willingness to allow God to drive our lives. Everyone is not ready for transition. Those of us that are ready versus those of us that are not is according to our level of faith. In my own life, I have wanted God to transition me plenty of times. I have wanted it so bad I would scream at God to “take me out of this place”. I was so tired of the fight…the constant battle, that at times I did not think I would ever win. But I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t qualified. My faith had not yet risen to the level to handle the position of transition. I did not meet the minimum requirements. 

Here is what I love about God….He holds our position for transition. Unlike jobs in the natural, if we do not qualify, there is a set closing date and employers move on to someone else that does qualify. When God is the employer, He never allows someone else to take our position. He holds our position until we do what’s require to apply again…and again, and again, and again for some of us.

My family and I are currently in a transition phase. God is actively enlarging our territory. As I was spending some time with God, the Holy Spirit gave me this revelation on transition. Many times we pray fervently to God to “remove our mountains”, “get us out of this place”, or “God, just deliver me from this…” without a thought on the qualifications for the next phase that we ask for. Yes, transition has requirements. What God requires on our current level changes when we transition. On a natural job, have you ever known someone who had the qualifications for a higher level but remained in their current position? Sometimes people remain because of fear. Others remain because despite being qualified,they are not ready to succeed at the next level. God takes his time and prepares us for each new transition because he is that invested in our success. 

Get ready for your new position of transition. This is the right season and this is the right time. I want to encourage you to apply! Let’s pray…

Heavenly Father, prepare me for my position of transition. Thank you for holding my position until I was equipped to handle the job. Decrease my fear and increase my faith at this new level. For God I know with each new level comes new strategies of the enemy to distract me and make me quit on the job. Strengthen my spiritual muscles to handle the spiritual warfare that may come on this new level. Remind me of your love for me and help me to succeed in my role of transition so that I may continue to qualify for promotions!

Dr. TC

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