Saved to Serve

serving others  God tugged on your heart the day you got saved because he had a purpose he put in you. God knew your salvation confession was the key to the door specifically created for you. Picture in your mind an actual door with a keyhole. Imagine a beautiful ordained door in front of you with only one sign on it. You look closely and the sign reads, “Service Entry”. Behind the door is not the heaven you thought when you got saved, but a door that leads to a lifetime of service to others. You were not saved to just get to heaven. You were saved to serve.

God looks around the earth for dedicated partners who are passionate about serving God first, and God’s people second. God has designed a specific set of people that need your service. They need your unique set of talents and gifts. They need your intellect, your warm embrace, or your kind words. They need your monetary support or your wisdom.

Your salvation was the key to unlock your door and now your life is the key to unlock the door for others. Can you imagine losing the key to your home or vehicle and the person who finds it refuses to give it to you? You were designed to serve. Your title is not just your name. You are a Problem Solver, a Solution, and a Life Saver to many. Make it your life’s mission to find out who you were called to serve. As you meet the needs of others, I guarantee you God will meet your needs in ways you can’t fathom. All God needs is your commitment to a life of service. Let’s pray:

God our Father, I thank you for the gift of salvation. I thank you that my salvation unlocked the door in my life to be of service to others. God present opportunities for me to serve others in the manner in which you would have me serve. Father deliver me from selfishness so that I may serve others with a genuine heart. God thank you for creating me to be the key to unlock your blessings in the lives of others. And Father while I am serving others, help me to believe somebody somewhere out there will find me who has the key to unlock the blessings designed for my life! Amen.

5 thoughts on “Saved to Serve

  1. Mickey Smith says:

    Praise Jesus Dr. Tia,

    Submitting my prayers for the health, strength and unity for NCA&T Baseball Team. Beyond the field these are young men trying to find their way.


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