When Heroes Hurt

I recently have been brought to shame in front of people who view me as their hero so to speak. They never really verbalized I was their hero but I have received many messages of how they look up to me. They trusted me to “get the job done”. They displayed full confidence in my ability to meet whatever need they had. I became their hero. Well over a period of time unexpected, unexplained life circumstances have brought me to my lowest point right in front of this group of people. This blog emerged from my place of processing the questions, “Why God?”, “Why has everything I tried not worked?”, “Why now?”, “Why me?”, “Why here?”, “Why in front of them?”.

Through many tears and a broken heart full of disappointment the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and is still speaking. He reminded me of Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection. He connected my emotional experiences of shame, embarrassment, and disappointment to what Jesus may have experienced as he carried his own cross to the site of resurrection. He wanted me to learn the lesson of humility. He wanted to expose and knock down any resemblance of pride. He wanted me to know real heroes often do not look like it.

I’m learning to change my perspective when heroes hurt not as a depiction of weakness, shame, or defeat but an opportunity to demonstrate true strength…authenticity. In my situation, I failed. I didn’t measure up. I dropped the ball. I exposed myself in a very vulnerable way. And I’m better because of it. Hurting heroes heal themselves and others through their honesty.

So the next time we consider naming someone our hero don’t focus on how they handle life’s comforts but how they handle life’s pains.

Dr. TC

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