What’s Right With Me?

Many times when things go wrong in our lives we ask the question…”What’s wrong with me?” We thenwhatswrong proceed to investigate ourselves having full confidence of finding the one thing (or things) that is so wrong about us that explains why the enemy continues to wreak havoc in our lives despite all the effort we have put in to do the right thing. If we are really fed up with what feels like a failing life, we then begin to compare ourselves to others who seem more wrong than us, yet their lives still operate with less confusion and disappointments than our own. We emerge out of this state of comparison still seeking an answer to the question, “What’s wrong with me?” We finally, after complete emotional exhaustion, conclude that things will always be this way, we are broken in ways that can never be fixed, and the blessings of the Lord must not be meant for us!

Got you!! This is precisely where the enemy wants all of us to ultimately end up…in a state of exhaustion to the point we lose our trust in God and what His Word says about us. The enemy wants us to believe when God made us He forgot something so we are just  broken vessels that can never be fixed. Something is wrong with us!

But…the Holy Spirit wanted me to challenge those in this state to instead ask themselves, “What’s right with me?” You see, the enemy works contrary in the lives of people who are doing things right. Know there is something so right about you the enemy has to pull out all his tricks to try and stop you!

You see, the enemy knows if you continue to be so right in the eyes of God, you might just get blessed. You might just mess around and defeat him. Oh and you might encourage others to defeat him as well! There is something so right about you that your life is being attacked as a mockery to God. This time, don’t give up, don’t give in. Keep fighting and know there is something so right about you Jesus died for you so that you ALWAYS WIN!

Live out Loud,

Dr. TC

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