The Book is Better Than The Movie




wactching a movie

Books are often better than the movie versions of a script. Why? Well…here are six reasons books are often better than movies: (1) the movie gets lost in translation, (2) “that’s not how I pictured it”, (3) limited storytelling time, (4) script writing may not do the story justice, (5) books allow the reader to put it together, and (6) the book stays with you.*

As I thought about this, my spirit led me to think about those that experience challenging life circumstances and it hit me. What if we viewed the challenges of our lives as movies? You see a good movie grips your emotions and draws you in as if you are one of the characters. If you are like me, during a good movie I yell, fuss at the characters, jump, and sometimes cry. I experience the full range of emotions from beginning to ending until the credits roll and I realize, it is not real.

Now, with some movies sometimes I think, “it can’t get any better than this”…until I read the book version. You see, the book version of your life is better than the movie version you are currently experiencing for the same reasons identified above. The book has more of the details of who you are, how you are going to overcome, who to look out for, and what to do. Like movies, your challenging life circumstances have a beginning and an ending. Like movies, your challenging life circumstances takes you through various emotions. Like movies, your challenging life circumstances are not the real life purposed for you. The book version tells you that you are an overcomer. The book version tells you that all things work together for your good. The book version tells you that trouble does not last always. The book version tells you that you are victorious. The book version tells you no weapon formed against you shall prosper!

So, if you are having a hard time in your life presently, think of it as just a movie. Just know, the movie version of the life that you are currently experiencing is watered down and is not the realistic depiction of your circumstances. It’s not what it looks like. If you want the juiciest, most realistic version of your life, go read the book. If you cant find it…it’s the one published by God.

Live Out Loud,

Dr. TC


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