The Power of Words


I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more inspiring than hearing a good Word that hits my spirit and ultimately changes my life. The blog posts that I create are God-inspired thoughts and messages that are meant to shake up your spirit and help you live your life out loud. I may never know which post touches what person or in what way so I have a goal to just keep on writing and thanking God for whoever’s life may be changed because of my words. Words are truly powerful, which is why the Bible is my lifeline. I will be honest, I have not always understood nor utilized the words of the Bible as a resource. I had to grow into this skill and habit. But…once I gained the knowledge of who I was from the sight of God and learned to utilize the Bible as my primary resource…man has my life changed. Maybe, just maybe reading my words will encourage you to start reading the Bible for yourself or start a more genuine relationship with God. Living for God everyday and enjoying it…now that’s living out loud in my opinion. That’s my one desire…to inspire as many as will to live out loud for the Glory of God! Start reading my blogs from the bottom up, because that is just how God gave it to me…

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