God has not forgotten about you, He is only waiting to give you double!



Why does God not answer me? Why in the worst time of my life, when I need God the most, He is silent and I can’t seem to find His direction? If you have ever asked yourself these questions then just know, God has not forgotten about you, He is only waiting to give you double! The key here is OBEDIENCE. God will sometimes allow time for us to decide to be obedient or not. He is testing our will for Him so that He can give His will to us. Even though our will is free, it has benefits and consequences.

This spiritually inspired statement is birthed out of a true story of a family that is near and dear to us (my husband and myself). In this story the wife, who I will call Janice, and her spouse, who I will call Joseph have been married for several years. Now, Janice entered into the marriage with Joseph who had been previously married and had three children of age. I watched Janice through the years of knowing them embrace her stepchildren with much love and acceptance as if the children were her very own. You see, Janice is unable to have children. Instead of being mad at God and living a defeated, unfulfilled life, she embraced the goodness of her circumstances and raised and nurtured children as if they came from her own womb. This is inspiring enough without me finishing the story!

Well…In 2014 I get a message from Janice stating “I’m preggo!” My spirit leapt with excitement, shock, and thankfulness to God whom I knew deserved all the credit. I immediately called Janice and wanted all the juicy details. Janice began to tell me that she had been diligently following her work out plan to lose some weight and live a healthy lifestyle when all of a sudden she noticed her weight numbers were increasing not decreasing. She said she thought to herself “I know I am doing all the right things”. She finally decided to take a pregnancy test and lo and behold…she was pregnant! What a MIRACULOUS God we serve! When I told my husband we yelled, screamed, cheered, and thanked God as if we had won the largest lottery there is. You see, my husband is this couples’ spiritual father and he has spoken many words prophetically over their lives that have come true every time to the tee. Now, this testimony was just another example of God’s anointing on my husband’s life.

I could end the blog here knowing that many people have already been inspired by the end of my last sentence. But…it doesn’t end there! I have to put the icing on the cake. Two years later, year 2015, we get another unexpected message from the same couple with some news. (Now the children that Janice helped raised are grown and living out of the house, with the exception of one who is close to launching from the home). The couple shared with us that they are yet pregnant again…with TWINS! Yes I said it, TWINS! Now…your jaw may be to the floor as you reflect on my previous words that, she could not get pregnant! Right I know, that is just how our God works. He will take what seems dead, unfruitful, least likely and turn it into a blessing for His glory. As probably is expected, my husband and I repeat our response of yelling, screaming, cheering, and thanking God as if we had won the second biggest lottery there is.

Here is the take away…God has not forgotten about you, He is only waiting to give you double the blessings! You see, if you do the math, Janice raised three children as if they were her very own and God then turns around and blesses her with three kids of her very own. She goes from having three children to six, she received double. And I know she received double because of her obedience for the many years she was childless in the flesh, but a mother to many in the spirit. As you reflect on this testimony you may be thinking about your own life and what you are believing God for. If you want double the blessings, check your obedience. Because your obedience may just qualify you for double!

Live out Loud,

Dr. TC

3 thoughts on “God has not forgotten about you, He is only waiting to give you double!

    • liveoutloud2016 says:

      Praise God Sheresa! God has great stuff in store for you. Immeasurably more than you can ask or think! Continue to live out loud! Tia


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